The new issue of Upset, with Linkin Park, is out now!

April 14, 2017

When a band gets to a certain size, they can stop trying to change things up, if they want. After all, they know full well whatever they do will ‘shift’ the required ‘units’. They’re sure to be able to play massive shows all around the world. Why on earth would they ever risk that?

Ask Linkin Park. That’s why they’re on the cover of this month’s Upset, out today (14th April), after all. One of the biggest bands in the world, since they dropped ‘Heavy’ last month, everything has gone a bit bonkers. While they’ve always been comfortable operating in the mainstream, this was – y’know – actual Pop. With a capital P. And it’s not a one off either. They’ve been playing with new toys on their forthcoming album. It’s a move that could change their whole universe.

Elsewhere this month we’ve got legitimate scene royalty New Found Glory, the visceral thrill of HO99O9, While She Sleeps taking on the machine their own way, and Tonight Alive talking about what comes next. We join up with Gnarwolves‘ pack, celebrate that Charly Bliss album we’ve been waiting so long for, and find out what Northlane are playing at surprising us with a new album like that.

There’s also Blood Youth and Courage My Love in About To Break, Lande from Muncie Girls takes on Gareth from Los Campesinos! in Rock DJ, and we get a look inside Sam from Twin Atlantic‘s touring suitcase. Add to that the verdict on that new At The Drive In album, and a first hand report from Creeper‘s glorious coming of age in London, and we’re as packed as you’d expect.

You can grab the new issue of Upset from today (14th April) at venues and record stores around the UK. Alternatively, you can order a copy direct to your door below, read it online here, or subscribe here.